MACKINTOSH'S Original Toffee Candy

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6 x 246g

Mackintosh's Toffee is over 100 years old. John Mackintosh first opened shop in Halifax, Yorkshire England in 1890. He decided he needed a line of sweets that would be unique to his shop.

At that time there was very little in the way of toffee as we know it today. English toffee was mostly hard and brittle. American toffee was very soft, and thus came the idea to blend the two to form a unique toffee. Mackintosh's Toffee was born.

Old Fashioned Candy from the 1890's
Invite your customers to indulge in this delicious Canadian candy classic! Mackintosh Toffee Bars are an old fashioned candy that has been loved for over 100 years! This succulent Toffee is firm yet creamy. You'll need some time to really devour the bar, it's best to slowly savour this golden sweet dream! Although, some people place it in the freezer and then break it apart into bite-size pieces.

Originally created by John Mackintosh who called himself "The Toffee King". Well after 100 years it seems that he was onto something irresistibly delicious! Long live the "Toffee King" and our beloved Canadian Candy treasure, Mackintosh Toffee!
Created over 100 years ago in Halifax, England
Made with simple ingredients like butter and sugar
No artificial flavours or colours
Made in Canada